Concerning the Congress for the New Urbanism
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SmartCode v 7.0
The Ahwahnee Principles
"New Urbanism for Rural Communities" by Jonathan Martin
"The SmartCode: A Weapon to Fight the Sprawl War" by Marice Chael
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck. This book is available in the Pflugerville Community Library, catalog number 307.76 DUAN 2000.
"Form First: The New Urbanist Alternative to Conventional Zoning" by Peter Katz
"2004: A Year of Ample Progress for New Urbanism" by Philip Langdon
It was reported in an item in this December 2004 article published in the New Urban News that the first application of the SmartCode in Texas was to some land (land to be used for the transit-oriented development) in the Leander area.

Illustration: Obtained from

"Picture imperfect?" by Steven Greenhut
"New urbanists Point the Way Forward: But Is Anyone Listening" by Catesby Leigh (April 18, 2008).

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CNU XVI was held in Austin on April 2-6, 2008.
Mayor Wynn and Representative Krusee appear in a YouTube video publicizing CNU XVI at this CNU website. Representative Krusee is a member of the board of CNU. Also see "The Convert: Krusee Steps Down to Take on New Urbanism" from the December 7, 2007, issue of The Austin Chronicle.


See "New Urbanism and the Booming Metropolis: Austin Welcomes the Comgress for the New Urbanism XIV" by Katherine Gregor. This article appeared in the March 28, 2008, issue of The Austin Chronicle.

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