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A reference was made to The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida in a presentation on the opening day of a week-long workshop conducted in Pflugerville in July 2008 about the proposed Pacana development. There was an implication that Pacana might become the kind of residential and commercial development that would appeal to the creative class.

This book is available in the Pflugerville Community Library, catalog number 305.5 FLOR 2002, and there are about a half dozen copies available (catalog number 153.35 FL) in the Austin Public Library system. A more recent book, Who's Your City?, by Richard Florida is available (catalog number 304.23 FLO) at the Round Rock Public Library.

Should Pflugerville make a greater effort to attract the "creative class" as defined by Richard Florida?


"The Rise of the Creative Class: Why cities without gays and rock bands are losing the economic development race" by Richard Florida. This article appeared on a Washington Monthly Web page dated May 2, 2002.

"There Goes the Neighborhood: How and Why Bohemians, Artists, and Gays Effect Regional Housing Values" by Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander, March 2007.

A Wikipedia article about Richard Florida is available here.


"The Curse of the Creative Class: Richard Florida's theories are all the rage worldwide. Trouble is they're plain wrong" by Steven Malanga. This article appeared on a City Journal Web page dated Winter 2004.

"Uncool Cities" by Joel Kotkin (Prospect, October 2005).

"The Future of Rocky Mountain Cities: How Can An Economy Thrive in a 'Lifestyle' Region? Conversations with Richard Florida and Joel Kotkin" by Susan Holden Walsh (Blue, Volume 1, Issue 2).

"Creative Class War: The Debate over Richard Florida's Ideas" by Christopher DeWolf (Maisonneuve, February 9, 2005). This was found in one of Joel Kotkin's Web pages.

"From Gays to Nerdistan, Authors Point the Write Way to Success" by Bernard Salt, July 31, 2008. This article has one of the most concise comparisons of the views of Richard Florida, which can be used in support of consolidation (the Australian version of smart growth/New Urbanism) with those of Joel Kotkin, which are more supportive of suburban development. Also see "From Nerdistan to the Australian Geek Islands" by Bernard Salt.

About Who's Your City?

Richard Florida, "Who's Your City?" (The Marketplace of Ideas, April 18, 2008) a podcast.


"Who's Your Economist? Richard Florida and his 'creative class' are at it again." by Steven Malanga (City Journal, March 18, 2008).

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